Citizen’s voices and accountability are not only critical elements of good governance for transparency and effective public service delivery; they are as well pertinent contributors to peace building. It is widely acknowledged that citizens as well as state institutions have a role to play in delivering governance that works for the people and enhances democracy, which essentially creates an environment for harmonious community co-existence. In particular, citizen’s capacity to express and exercise their views has the potential to influence government priorities and governance processes, including a stronger demand for transparency and accountability, making it cogent to stifle possible conflict drivers. To achieve this, CYU works towards establishing, engaging and sustaining working relationships with, Religious Institutions, Civil Society Groups, County Governance, Trade Unions, Interest groups, learning institutions and other government agencies among other state and non state actors in Kenya.

The overarching goal of the project is “Enabling Communities to Engage in Peace Building for social development in Kenya”



The following cross-cutting approaches are essential to CYUs implementation strategy:


CYU advances the use of comprehensive approach to delivering its program

The effective implementation of a comprehensive approach requires all actors to contribute in a concerted effort, based on a shared sense of responsibility, openness and determination, taking into account their respective strengths, mandates and roles, as well as their decision-making. Whereas our activities are demand driven, CYU adopts a comprehensive approach to ensure that duplication of efforts is minimized.



In addition to integrating activity planning, implementation and monitoring for all three project objectives, CUs strategy ensures that programs targeting people are offered at both the community and policy levels in a manner that ensures that most, if not all, people’s needs are addressed.



Key to the implementation of the CYU program is the promotion of grassroots community participation and capacity building. This has meant working on strengthening a wide range of outreach and education activities with existing community structures, including local public benefit organizations CYU embraces partnership building which involves Local Implementing Partners. The establishment and strengthening of linkages and networks are critically important to community and stakeholder engagement in the program.


Evidence-based and participatory decision making

CYU draws on approaches that are relevant, evidence-based, and participatory. The organization promotes the use of data for decision making.


Human and organizational capacity building

Project strategy is designed to build the capacity of staff and local partners in implementation. Capacity building approaches include formal workshops, on-the-job training, whole-site orientations, and mentorship, all on specific issues.