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A Few Words

About Us 

In Kenya during the 1990’s, there was a general increase of violent confrontations nation-wide emanating from attempts at constitutional reforms, growing tensions around multi-party democracy, poor governance practices at national level, and lack of public safety. Chemchemi Ya Ukweli (CYU) – Kiswahili for Wellspring of Truth—Trust is an interfaith movement that was founded in 1997 by a group of religious leaders concerned about this growing culture of violence in Kenya. Its founding fathers, who were rooted in the ideas of Catholic Social Teaching, introduced the concept of “active non-violence” as an alternative means in the struggle for peace and justice in that country.

This process was supported by several international partners, among them Misereor, the overseas development agency of the Catholic Church in Germany.

Conflict Transformation 

 CYU has succeeded in creating awareness broadly on various forms of injustice in Kenya and has managed to mobilize people to demand their rights through peaceful actions. Since inception, CYU has also changed from its original roots within the Catholic Church to a more inclusive movement, which has put a strong emphasis on its inter-faith nature, thereby reaching out to other Christian denominations, Muslims, Baha’is and Hindus. During the same time, its strategies also expanded to include civic education and community policing.

Overall Goal 
To reduce the levels of violeance in Kenya.
Civic Education 
Build social cohesion through tolerance and understanding
Create an environment of trust, cooperation, and collaboration
Foster cohesion among people of diverse faiths or worldviews
We work alongside communities to advocate for non-violent practices

Our Mission

To enable communities engage in Security, active nonviolence and democratization processes for Social Development

Our Vision

A society living a culture of peace, dignity and reconciliation.


Our Values

Social justice

Our Team 

Bro. John Karungai - Advisory Board Member





Bro. John is a Chemchemi Advisory Board Member and presently serves in CMM Brothers. Brother Karungai comes from the same organization with Bro Dominic. He is an admistrative office at their congregation. He is a social justice activist. He has had a long relationship with CYU.

Merab Liyai Mulindi -  Advisory Board Member

Merab Liyai Mulindi a member of the CYU Advisory Board serving as the Treasurer and also serving within the Fundraising docket. Merab has immense experienced in the key CYU areas having worked as a Program Officer at CYU from 2002 – 2005 handling the ANV Training Program amongst other responsibilities. She also has hands-on experience working with communities having served in the Department of Social Services as a Social Development Officer and having been involved in various community initiatives and projects. Merab also has a rich experience in Inter Religious Dialogue having worked with various faith communities under Inter Faith Action for Peace in Africa (IFAPA). Merab therefore brings to the CYU board a rich experience and exposure in both the Government and the NGO sector. With an M.A. in Counseling Psychology, Merab is involved in issues around mental health and currently serves as a Student Counselor at local Christian University.

Bro. Dominic





Bro. Dominic Comes from a congregation called brothers of mercy (CMM). He is very committed to Social justice issues. Bro is the founder member of CYU and offers the institutional memory of the organization. He is the link between CYU and the catholic church.

Bishop Kalunyu  - Advisory Board Member




Bishop Kalunyu is a Advisory board member at Chemchemi and is also the presiding Bishop of NICA Eastern Diocese. Bishop Kalunyu Hold a Master’s Degree in Religion. He is the Presiding Bishop of NICA Church, Eastern Diocese. He brings to the organization a wealth of experience in Coalitions management, Training and interfaith Dialogue.

Lilian Otieno - Admin Assistant




Lillian’s background in administration and the relevant experience from other organizations she has worked for has helped her in efficient execution of her admin responsibilities within the organization. Lillian has previously also benefited from other trainings to the level of a trainer e.g. Alternative to Violence Program (AVP), Active Non Violence (ANV) among others that have so far helped cement her position in the bigger Chemchemi Ya Ukweli family of Nonviolence Practitioners and the wider Communities of Practice.